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What Type of Person Do You Attract?

You attract nerdy people
Attracting the nerds is definitely not a bad thing! Nerds are what helps the world turn round, and they can be the most caring, loving partners that adore you. Even though they may be awkward and shy at first, they are always happy to find a new friend to talk about the greatest books and video games. Be good to them, they’ll probably be your doctor one day!
Nerds are always are cool to me :) 

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can’t even lie, there’s a tinge in my heart when I see the guy I talked to since like 2007 (don’t even quite remember, such a long time) til the last year with a (super beautiful) girl. One, because I messed my relationship up with him so bad, esp considering I actually loved him. Two, because, even though I like to think I’m fully over it, I’m not. Three, because I’m missing out on what I wanted him to be, a guy (or girl) I could love the same and it works. Yeah, we might have been broken up by now (too stubborn fucks) but, sometimes the thought is hard to escape considering it all. And, like we couldn’t be good friends either… :(