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"I Believe"

“I Believe”

I believe in a world of great change. Now listen, it may sound deranged, but believe me, it can be arranged, for a better way. Racism, and other prejudices, if you think of them all, they are society’s biggest downfalls. Why can’t we be a nation of one, a force of a billion tons, equal rights for everyone? Let’s make this exponential, give us the greatest potential, make changes intentional, all…

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mind fucked. officially.

remember as a child watching this news special (courtesy of my mom) about a boy who lived in a poor area in the middle east who had a chance to live with middle class family in England… I knew right away how bogus it was going to be… I remember the look of angst of the boy’s face when he was returning home, and basically, sad look as he was telling his family about it. I knew how he felt. He had taste of “good life” only to return to his sub standard living. I been through the similar physically and mentally. Currently, going through it. Deep down, a real issue bugs me… But, what gets me is how people talk like everything is fine. it’s confusing. I can see, if u rather not talk bad things in your life and in the world, but to act as if everything is fine?? To not understand to see someone down?? Or, even worse, to outrageously brag, or mock someone or something like it’s all cool. Pathetic.

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I gave him comfort, he said I reminded him of home. Funny how, when I feel so alone. Full of broken dreams, fantasy things, just to cope, so I don’t lose hope. Heart broken in pieces from what should have been decent. My family near gone. I don’t know where I belong. A place I don’t want to see, but may always be. Baby, if that’s home, that’s a place I wouldn’t want to know.